Ellipse Spirit, the high speed aircraft

The elliptical wing shape is the core element of the high performance flight characteristics. Due to the eight meter wingspan the aircraft boasts excellent maneuverability. Coupled with a great engine, the outstanding performance was achieved.

Thanks to the fixed slot, the aircraft is easily to control even at speeds close to stall speed. The extreme rigid cockpit made of Aramid in combination with the integral fuel tanks in the wing and the ballistic recovery system as standard equipment guaranty a maximum on safety.
The maximum speed in rough air is with 255 km/h, unbeatable fast.

Seat backs and rudder pedals are adjustable to any pilot size. The Instrument Penal is part of the canopy and lifts up, when you open it. For this reason and due to the side stick control the roomy cockpit, 120cm wide, is easy to access.

The maximum cruise speed for the fixed gear version is 250 km/h and the cruise speed for the retractable gear version is 275 km/h.