Der EuroStar SL

the ultimate Ultralight Aircraft in metal construction

the good flight characteristic, the easy handling, the spacious cockpit with an unobstructed few to all directions are the reasons for the great market success with more than 1200 units sold and delivered.

A useful load of about 200 kg, the fuel consumption of 15 liter Mogas per hour and the durability are the main differences to his competitors.

Hundreds of flight schools and Aero Clubs all over the world know, that this is the perfect Ultralight Aircraft for Training, Charter and Aero tow.

Technical Specs 


Length 5.98 m 17 ft 7.5 in
Height 2.48 m 8 ft 1.6 in
Wing span 8.15 m 26 ft 9 in
Cabin width 1.18 m 46.5 in

Weight & Quantities

Empty weight (standard aircraft) 276 kg 609 lb
Empty weight – light version 270 kg 595 lb
Max take-off weight 472.5 kg * 1 041 lb*
Max. baggage 15 kg 33 lb
Design load factors +6 / – 3 g +6 / – 3 g
Operation load factors +4 / – 2 g +4 / – 2 g
Standard tank capacity 65 l 17.17 US gal
Long range tank capacity 80 l 21.13 US gal
Flight performance Rotax 912ULS (100HP) Rotax 912UL (80HP)
Never exceed speed 270 km/h 270 km/h
Maximum level speed 240 km/h 220 km/h
Cruise at 75% engine power 200 km/h 180 km/h
Stall speed 65 km/h 65 km/h
Rate of climb 7.5 m/s 6.0 m/s
Service ceiling 6,000 m 6,000 m
Take-off run (concrete RWY) 100 m 180 m
Landing run (concrete RWY) 180 m 180 m
Range (standard tank) 750 km 750 km
Range (long range tank) 920 km 920 km
* MTOW with ballistic recovery system installed    
Under ISA conditions. All information can change without notice  


Sportstar SL


Evektor Eurostar Interieur


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